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Bonus trailer: Gashmeer Mahajani struggles to live up to challenge

The film deals with the contrasting lifestyles of the rich and poor in Indian society 

Suyog Zore

The first trailer of Bonus (2020), starring Gashmeer Mahajani and Pooja Sawant, shows the contrast between the lifestyles of the rich and the poor.

Mahajani plays the spoilt son of an industrialist (Mohan Agashe), who is against the concept of bonus. According to him, a bonus is neither a dividend nor interest, it’s just a freebie. He challenges his son to live a simple life, like any of their company workers for just 30 days. The son happily accepts the challenge, without having the slightest idea about the daily hardship that a worker goes through. 

The trailer also shows how Mahajani soon realises that the challenge will test the limits of his willpower. Living in a small dingy room, using a public toilet, and fetching water from the public tap, prove to be a huge task for him. 

We also get to see Pooja Sawant in the trailer. She plays Mahajani’s love interest. Bonus is directed by screenplay writer-turned-director Saurabh Bhave. It is his first venture as director.

Produced by Kartik D Nishandar, Bonus is slated to release on 28 February. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.

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