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Ashleel Udyog Mitra Mandal teaser: Sai Tamhankar's character generates intrigue and mystery

The film, which is due for release on 6 March, deals with the taboo subject of sexuality 

Keyur Seta

We were introduced to the alluring image of well-known Marathi actress Sai Tamhankar, on the first poster of the Marathi film Ashleel Udyog Mitra Mandal (2020). The film's teaser, which is just out, reveals that her character in the movie is called Savita. 

However, the teaser does not show her face but only consists of her voice. It proves to be an intriguing ploy and generates interest in the film. 

In the teaser, Tamhankar's character engages directly with the audience and introduces herself as Savita. She reveals that everybody is well acquainted with her. Savita adds to the mystique surroundng her by saying that nobody has ever seen her. Interestingly, she also refers to Madhuri Dixit’s character Maya, in Yash Chopra’s Dil To Pagal Hai (1997).

A male voice is also heard in the teaser, telling Savita that the entire city is eagerly awaiting her. The voice belongs to Abhay Mahajan, who plays a pivotal character in the film. 

As the film's title suggests, it deals with the taboo topic of sexuality. It reminds one of Tamhankar’s character in Balak Palak (2013), where she plays guide to a group of early teenagers curious about watching porn. 

The film also stars Parna Pethe, Sayalee Pathak, Akshay Tanksale and Ruturaj Shinde. Directed by Alok Rajwade, Ashleel Udyog Mitra Mandal will be released on 6 March. 

Watch the teaser and let us know if you would be watching the film


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