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Bonus teaser: Gashmeer Mahajani takes up a challenge to fend for himself 

Written and directed by Saurabh Bhave, the film seems to be inspired by a real-life story of a famous diamond merchant's son who was asked to live on his own for 30 days.

Suyog Zore

After releasing a few posters, the makers of Bonus (2020) finally unveil the story of the film in a teaser. We see that Gashmeer Mahajani is an egoistic son of an industrialist (Mohan Agashe) who has lived a sheltered life and hence has no empathy towards the company's workers.

When he argues against giving a bonus to a worker, his father throws him a challenge to live the life of that worker for 30 days. He takes up a challenge and sets out to fend for himself. 

The teaser pretty much gives away this fish out of water plot and you also get to see the glimpses of the kind of hardships the hero will face. If used intelligently, this scenario can also generate a few genuinely funny moments. It's difficult to gauge what will be the tone of the film from this short teaser.

Once we watch the trailer, we might get a better idea. Pooja Sawant makes her comeback to the Marathi cinema after two years with this film. 

It seems the story is loosely based on the news article published three years ago about a billionaire diamond merchant's son who is challenged to live on his own without any financial help from the family. The news was widely shared in business circles.

Bonus is directed by the screenwriter-turned-director Saurabh Bhave. This is his first film as director; he has written screenplays for some critically acclaimed films like Hapoos (2010)Taryanche Bait (2011), and Chumbak (2018).

Produced by Kartik D Nishandar, Bonus is slated to release on 28 February 2020. Watch the teaser below and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.

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