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Please Find Attached's 2nd season deals with realistic problems, says Ayush Mehra

The actor returns as Shaurya, a young working professional navigating his relationship with his girlfriend Sanya in the latest season of the Dice Media web-series on YouTube.  

Sonal Pandya

Actor Ayush Mehra is known from his relatable roles such as medical student Nishant from Operation MBBS and advertising professional Shaurya from Please Find Attached. Both web-series have a  sizeable following on YouTube.

Mehra returns as Shaurya for the second season of Dice Media’s Please Find Attached as he and Sanya (Barkha Singh) try to deal with the reality of being a couple at home and in the office. The actor speaks about how their characters have grown in this season and how the series deals with realistic problems in their relationship.

He also revealed how he differs from his character and shared the experience of shooting the show during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Excerpts below:

How has your character Shaurya changed and evolved in the second season of Please Find Attached?

From the initial infatuation that our viewers saw in the first season of Please Find Attached, Shaurya’s love for Sanya has grown, and the relationship has evolved into a more mature one. Like every other couple, we too face multiple challenges that life throws our way, including work pressure, and the need to maintain an equilibrium with our personal lives. This season deep dives into these aspects, which are very relatable among couples today. While these conversations have been very far and few, the show is all about how we deal with realistic problems, and the importance of communication with your partner.

Do you relate to Shaurya or is he very unlike you?

A bit of both. In some ways, we are very similar, and in some, we are poles apart. Shaurya tends to overthink decisions and situations which I do too, at times. Due to his OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) he wants things to be kept in a certain way. This is where Ayush is completely the opposite. I am never organized with my things.

What can the fans expect from the second season?

This season is going to be very exciting for the viewers as they will get to see more about Sanya and Shaurya’s lives, daily routines, habits, lifestyle choices, what they love, and the lengths to which they will go to, to make the relationship work.

What was it like to shoot for the second season in these COVID-19 times?

This time, due to the COVID- 19 pandemic we did have our apprehensions about shooting as this was our first time back on the sets after the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the Dice Media team eased us into the process of shooting and took stringent precautions. During the entire shooting duration, we stayed at a hotel to avoid travelling to and fro for added safety.

You’ve worked on several online series in the past couple of years. What understanding have you gained from working on them?

From FilterCopy videos to now working on web-series with the Dice Media team, it has been a great journey of learning, to be honest. Today OTT platforms have opened doors for talent and content creators who did not have as many opportunities before, and this has also created opportunities for the entire ecosystem be it the director, producers and everyone involved.

Every show I have worked on has surely helped me learn and grow as an actor as well. In Operation MBBS, playing the role of an MBBS student made me realize what it takes to become a responsible doctor. The struggles of a medical student were so real, which the makers touched upon profoundly. While we don’t have many Indian shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Operation MBBS filled this void somewhere.

The first season started off as a mini-series, and the immense love we received from fans encouraged the makers to bring back Please Find Attached as a full-fledged web-series. As an actor, this support, love, and encouragement we get from fans really motivates us to push ourselves and do better day by day.

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