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Tasher Ghawr will cater to a larger audience, says director Sudipto Roy

The filmmaker speaks about his upcoming feature, shot during the lockdown, which will be released next week on Hoichoi. 

Roushni Sarkar

The Hoichoi original film Tasher Ghawr (2020), featuring Swastika Mukherjee in the lead, promises to tell the story of a lonely housewife against the backdrop of the lockdown. Directed by Sudipto Roy, Tasher Ghawr has been recently shot after the state government granted permission for film shoots to resume as the process of opening up after the lockdown began in West Bengal.

Written by Sahana Dutta, Tasher Ghawr gets into the interiors of the middle-class household and speaks of their hopes and dreams that got lost with the burden of responsibilities.

In the film's announcement video and the trailer, we have seen protagonist Sujata (Mukherjee) speaking about her marital life and enjoying solitude in her domestic spaces. Her narration is punctuated with deep sighs and a yearning to belong.

“During the lockdown, we all have heard news about wives not liking to be stuck in their homes with their husbands all the time," Roy explained to in a telephone conversation. "We have been exposed to new faces of domestic violence as well. The story of Sujata relates to such a story of unforeseen adjustment by housewives. She is someone who has got used to solitude over the years and is not ready to share her own space.”

In the videos, Sujata can be seen engrossed in household chores, clinging to the plants, and taking refuge in the washroom, alone. “It is a drama-thriller based on the incidents of a single day," added Roy, who was taken on board the project by Anindo Banerjee, the creative director of Hoichoi.

Roy’s own production house Chilekotha Films, is also producing the film in partnership with Hoichoi.

The director's debut film Kia and Cosmos (2019) also featured Mukherjee in an important role. However, this time the director felt that Mukherjee has matured as an actress in the last two years.

“Due to the lockdown, she was out of work for some time and hence, while shooting for Tasher Ghawr, she was pretty charged up every day on the sets. Because, in normal circumstances, Swastika would be often busy with five more projects at the same time," Roy stated, emphasizing that the film is all about Mukherjee’s performance.

At the same time, Roy also felt responsible to provide the actress with a suitable platform after her critically acclaimed performances in the Amazon Prime web-series Paatal Lok and the feature film Dil Bechara (2020). “I think this was the only difference that I felt shooting with her this time. I felt the need to do justice to her career graph. Otherwise, she is always fun to work with, extremely professional and has also done justice to the dubbing to the T. I feel the film has come out very nicely," Roy commented.

Mukherjee also felt the same. “Tasher Ghawr is going to be a remarkable achievement in my journey as an actress," she shared in a statement. "As you can see on the video, this is a different kind of role altogether. I was thrilled to play the part because this character is independent in her own way, troubled yet happy. She has her own struggles and she vents differently.”

Roy is quite sure that the audience will meet with a lot of surprises throughout the film. “There are elements of humour in it. People will be able to watch the film with the family. I feel Tasher Ghawr will cater to a larger audience than most of my other films. It is a story of a housewife but put together very differently," he added.

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