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Badshah pays Bengali folk artiste Rs5 lakh to end 'Genda Phool' plagiarism row

The rapper used two lines from Ratan Kahar's folk song, 'Boro Loker Biti Lo' in his music video 'Genda Phool' without giving him credit for the lyrics.

Roushni Sarkar

Badshah transferred an amount of Rs5 lakh into the account of Bengali folk artiste Ratan Kahar, the original singer, composer and lyricist of 'Boro Loker Biti Lo', in his attempt to help him on humanitarian grounds, as well as bring an end to the controversy surrounding the rapper's latest music track, 'Genda Phool.' 

Badshah had incorporated two lines from the Bengali folk song into his latest number, which was released on 26 March. Music lovers from Bengal flooded social media platforms, demanding that Kahar be credited for the song, instead of it being simply credited as a 'Bengali folk song'.

In an Instagram post on March 31, Badshah said that the copyright of the song had not been attributed to any particular artiste but had been mentioned as a Bengali folk number. However, after learning of Kahar's weak financial condition, the rapper expressed a desire to reach out and help him on humanitarian grounds.

Atanu Barman, who actively conducted the campaign for Kahar, told PTI, “Badshah sent the amount after talking to Kahar on a video conference call on 3 April. Kahar's family doesn't harbour any hurt feelings any more. But we wish that Kahar's name be mentioned as one of the lyricists of the song, instead of merely referring to it as a Bengali folk song."

Happy to receive the amount, Kahar has invited Badshah to his home in Siuri, Birbhum, and has expressed his wish to work with the rapper in the future. “I want Badshah to come over to my place and talk to me. I would first like to thank him for using my song. I am also eager to discuss music with him if he has the time,” he said.

In response, Badshah said that he was waiting for the lockdown to get over so that he could meet Kahar, as he desires to help folk artistes from all regions.

Watch the 'Genda Phool' music video below.