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Debarati Gupta's Preme Lockdown is an entertaining short film

It's a humorous movie about a budding romance between neighbours during the lockdown.

Roushni Sarkar

Amidst the nationwide lockdown, film industries are now thriving on films shot in isolation. In Bengal, Windows Production has paved the way and now many others are following suit. Preme Lockdown by Debarati Gupta is the first short coming from Tvwala Media. Their next production, Ekti Taara by Shieladitya Moulik will be streaming online soon.

Preme Lockdown is perhaps the first film made only for the purpose of sheer entertainment, unlike most of the other lockdown shorts, which deal with grave and serious issues.

Featuring Prantik Banerjee, Anubhav Kanjilal and Anuradha Mukherjee, Preme Lockdown tells a humorous story about a budding romance between neighbours during the lockdown. 

Two roommates, Banerjee and Kanjilal talk about the pros and cons of making friends with girls in the lockdown. While Kanjilal believes it is impossible because of physical distancing, Banerjee comes up with a novel idea to express his feelings for a girl (Mukherjee) in the neighbourhood.

He prepares food for her and sends Kanjilal to deliver it, along with a letter. Surprised at the food delivered to her home, Mukherjee enjoys the humour and emotions conveyed in the letter.

The film ends with a twist as it shows the direction in which the romance blossoms. It carries a nostalgic flavour of friendship, wherein close friends sometimes take advantage of miscommunication. 

With relatable dialogues between friends, Preme Lockdown is a fun short film.

Watch the short film in the link below: