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Pallavi Patil pines for her lover in new romantic single 'Yeshil Na'

Composed and sung by Keval Walanj, this is the second single released by Red Bulb Music after 'Lajira'. 

Suyog Zore

After 'Lajira' featuring Sayali Sanjeev and Rishi Saxena, Red Bulb Music has released yet another single on their YouTube channel. Titled 'Yeshil Na', it is about a woman longing for her lover. The exquisitely shot song features Pallavi Patil.

The visual opens with an interior that is painted white, except for a yellow sofa. The desaturated colours add to the melancholic mood of the song. The only thing that feels entirely out of place and doesn't go with the mood of the song is the books she is reading. A woman who is missing her lover, is unlikely to be reading a psychological thriller, like Gone Girl.

These days, songs with fast beats seem to be the rage and even romantic songs seem to follow the norm. Hence, it is refreshing to see a song like 'Yeshil Na' daring to go against the prevailing trend.  

It is a slow number and music composer Keval Walanj focuses on the melody. The minimal instrumentation with piano and the humming of background singers adds to the mood of the song. Walanj has also sung the song and done a good job of expressing the pain of longing for a lover. Shreehari Gokarnakar's lyrics have a poetic quality which adds emotional depth to the song.

Watch the song below:

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