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Kanika Kapoor clears 'misunderstandings' in social media post about her COVID-19 experience

The singer said there was no travel advisory on her return from the UK on 10 March asking her to self-quarantine.

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Singer Kanika Kapoor revealed that there had been no travel advisory on her return from the United Kingdom in March, following which she tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The singer finally tested negative and has returned home.

Kapoor shared a post on social media to clear 'misunderstandings and false information' about her experience. She wrote, "I know there are several stories out there about me. Some of these seem to be fuelled even more because I have chosen to be silent till now. I stayed quiet not because I am wrong but in fact, being fully aware that there have been misunderstandings and wrong exchanges of information, I was giving time for the truth to prevail."

The singer added that while she had been screened for the virus in Mumbai on her return from the UK on 10 March, there had been no such screening when she took a domestic flight the following day to Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. 


Stay Home Stay Safe 🙏🏼

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Kapoor wrote, "There was no advisory on that day [the UK travel advisory was only issued on 18 March] that stated that I needed to quarantine myself. I showed no ill health and so did not quarantine myself."

The singer added that she attended a family lunch and dinner on 14 March and 15 March, and only decided to get tested after showing symptoms on 17 March and 18 March. 

The singer was accused of negligence after news about her testing positive for the pandemic-causing virus emerged. While thanking the medical professionals who helped her get through the isolation period, she said, "I hope all can deal with this matter with honesty and sensitivity. Negativity thrown at a person does not change reality."

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