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Aathavnichi Savali song 'Haatat Haat': Soothing track picturized on musicians and vocalist Deepanshi Nagar

Composed by Mohit Manuja, the video of the song also shares some footage from the film, which has been directed by Subodh Anand. 

Suyog Zore

It has been nearly a month since the country went into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the film industry in limbo, there has obviously been a drought of fresh content. In the midst of this, makers of the upcoming Marathi film, Aathavnichi Savali (2020), have uploaded a soothing track called, 'Haatat Haat'.

The song has been picturized on the musicians and the lead singer, Deepanshi Nagar, along with apt insertions of footage from the film. Though this is not a novel concept, the producer's reason for opting for this strategy is quite obvious. The makers haven't yet revealed the film's storyline and probably want to keep it that way. However, where the song is concerned, it has a beautiful melody.

Composer Mohit Manuja, who has also arranged the song, has used instruments like the guitar, violin, piano, tabla and flute to great effect. Shubham Chopkar deserves a mention for his melodious playing on the flute. The minimalistic arrangement ensures that the focus is on Nagar's vocals. The singer, who has sung covers of many Marathi and Hindi songs before, makes the most of this opportunity.

Nagesh Wahurwagh and Suraj Jaiswal also deserve credit for writing simple yet meaningful lyrics. The hopeful lyrics work well with the soothing music. After a month, we are finally getting to hear a melodious Marathi song. It has been worth the wait.

Aathavnichi Savali is directed by Subodh Anand.

Watch the song below and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.

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