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Tathagata Ghosh's Mangsho -The Meat to be released online next week

 The film's pre-production and post-production took place online, while the artistes shot their portions from home. 

Roushni Sarkar

Tathagata Ghosh’s upcoming film, Mangsho - The Meat will be releasing online next week. Made during the lockdown, the film features Bimal Giri, Gautam Siddhartha, Payel Rakshit and Soumya Majumdar in lead roles. The film has been edited by Rajdeep Mukherjee and the sound design has been done by Debanjan Majhi.

On a Facebook post, Ghosh stated how the current scenario of the country disturbed him deeply and compelled him to find a way to creatively express his feelings. "Seeing the images and hearing the stories of the migrant workers walking back to their homes created a void within me. It stirred me and made me feel helpless. Witnessing the overwhelming Islamophobia among many for the past few weeks shocked me deeply as well,” he said in his post.  

Ghosh and his team did the pre-production online, including the weeks of rehearsals. “This was one hell of an experiment and I am nervous and thrilled to have made this happen with my team. This came from deep within, from a place of anger and despair. It was emotionally exhausting and mentally draining,” added the filmmaker.

The filmmaker said that the movie was strong on dialogues and performances. Ghosh said he was often amused at the way each of the artistes have shot their portions in their respective homes. “Kudos to these four powerful actors, who gave it their all to transform and disappear in their roles. I was myself speechless to see their takes, which they shot themselves and sent to us,” he wrote.

Ghosh has received critical acclaim for his previous films, the short Doitto and Miss Man.