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Salman Khan hits out: Coronavirus has been spreading because of some jokers

The actor put out a sarcastic video to urge people to stay at home during the continuing countrywide lockdown.

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Salman Khan had recently put out a video urging the people of India to stay at home so that the coronavirus pandemic does not spread fast. He has now shared a sarcastic video on Instagram, taking a dig at those who aren’t obeying the government's instructions to stay indoors as far as possible.

“Why have they [the government] told you to do so? For them? No, it’s for all of us. Offer namaaz and perform puja at home. If you want to meet god, go out with your family,” he said.

There have been many cases of people gathering at devotional places despite calls to stay at home and maintain physical distancing. Khan denounced them as ‘jokers’. “This disease has been spreading because of some jokers. If your actions wouldn’t have been like this, the police also wouldn’t have reacted in this manner and thousands of people in India wouldn’t have got coronavirus. And we would have been back to our normal lives,” he said.


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Sharing a funny example of how people are finding it difficult to stay home, Khan said, “I know some people who never used to go out. But ever since it has been advised not to go out, they have started going out.”

Khan also touched the incidents of attacks on doctors who are working to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Doctors and nurses are here to save your lives, but you pelted stones on them. Someone who has got corona is running away from the hospital. Where are you running? Towards life or death? Those who feel they can never get infected with it will pose a danger to a lot of lives in India,” he said.

Khan added helplessly in the end, “Just ensure that they aren’t forced to bring in the military to make you understand.”

The actor has remained holed up at his Karjat farmhouse along with some family members ever since the lockdown began on Sunday 22 March 2020.

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