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Court director Chaitanya Tamhane completes his next feature

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The film, which is yet to be titled, is based on Indian classical music.

Keyur Seta

After the widely acclaimed and Oscar-nominated Court (2015), cine-goers have been waiting eagerly to see what Chaitanya Tamhane serves up next. During a conversation with, the filmmaker revealed that his next work, which is based on Indian classical music, has just been completed.

“I have just completed the film,” Tamhane said. But like many other films around the world, the release of this one, which is yet to be titled, has also been postponed on account of the lockdown brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. “Whatever plans we had have gone out of the window," Tamhane said. "Also, all film festivals are getting cancelled. The world is under lockdown.”

Speaking about the release, Tamhane said, “Hopefully by the end of this year. If not, then next year.”

Besides being India’s entry to the Oscars, Court won a lot of awards internationally. It was also chosen Best Feature Film at the 62nd National Film Awards. Tamhane said Court helped pave the way for his next film. “Because people had seen Court, it kind of made it a little easier for them to take me seriously this time around,” he said.

Court presented the reality of proceedings in a lower court. Asked whether his next feature film will be a 'mainstream' project, the director said, "I don’t look at things as mainstream or non-mainstream. I did what I understood and what spoke to me. I think it’s for people to judge whether it’s mainstream or not. I haven’t gone out of my way to do anything of that sort.”

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