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Mubina Rattonsey bags $100 million for her new production house

The filmmaker has raised funds through a loan from a private equity firm to back her independent production company, Zero Gravity Motion Pictures.

Our Correspondent

With funds becoming an increasingly difficult objective for production houses, Mubina Rattonsey's latest investment windfall might simply be termed lucky by watchers. The filmmaker has received $100 million from a private equity firm for her new venture in Hollywood named Zero Gravity Motion Pictures. 

The production house, co-owned by Rohini Singh, Manmeet Singh and Arman Zorace, is set to produce a slate of films, including the horror production Wraith, directed by Zorace.

The production house is also working on a superhero film, Gamma Man, and a project titled The Aryan Papers set in pre-World War II Germany.

Speaking about the projects, Rattonsey said, “I didn’t want to take the safe path. You need to put your vulnerable self forward. It’s very attractive to meet people who do things that speak to you. I think you have just got to be fair, let the movie be the star and get the glory. At Zero Gravity Partners, it is our goal to empower a tribe of fearless filmmakers actively pursuing their creative voice and telling stories that come from an inner being; and those are hard to find." 

Rattonsey has previously worked on the production of films like Kaminey (2009) and Tahaan (2008) as well as Prarambha, a short film for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.