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Am blamed for nepotism for no rhyme or reason, says Karan Johar

The filmmaker and television personality said he does not feel the need any more to justify his hard work and sincerity of the past 20 years.

Keyur Seta

When a personality like Karan Johar makes himself available for a detailed interaction, there is bound to be some talk of nepotism. The word has been tagged to Johar ever since Kangana Ranaut accused him of being the torchbearer of nepotism in the film industry on his own television chat show. This was pointed out to the filmmaker during his chat at the tenth Jagran Film Festival in Mumbai yesterday.

Trying to counter the accusation, Johar said, “I have given equal amount of filmmakers, over 21 of them, that Dharma Productions has introduced. Doesn’t that count for talent? Doesn’t that count for having faith in people who are not from within the movies?” 

The filmmaker continues to hold to his belief that life is not easy even for star kids. “Even the actors you think are from a nepostistic background, they have all had their struggles and fought their battles. Maybe they have had a better first-time opportunity. But then they have gone through turbulence and after that combated it,” he said. 

Johar has cast a new actor named Lakshya in his upcoming production Dostana 2. Lakshya is not from a film family. “When we introduced Lakshya, it was not like we have made a big deal that he is not from the movies. No, he is a talented, hard-working, solid, sincere artiste,” said Johar.

Without naming Ranaut, the filmmaker went on to say that it was unfair to tag him as a torchbearer for nepotism. “I think for no rhyme or reason this word is being exploded and imploded on us for absolutely the wrong reasons. I really believe that I don’t want to justify it any more because I feel petty justifying my hard work and solid sincerity for the past 20 years. I don’t feel I need to,” he said.


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