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Ghost trailer: Vikram Bhatt rehashes his own Kasoor into a ‘horror’ movie

In keeping with the tradition of Vikram Bhatt's earlier 'scary' films, this one is also peppered with unintentionally hilarious moments.

Keyur Seta

Vikram Bhatt’s Kasoor (2001) saw Aftab Shivdasani play a businessman accused of murdering his wife. He goes on to have an affair with the lawyer (Lisa Ray) fighting his case.

Cut to 2019 and Bhatt is back with the same plot in the upcoming Ghost, set in England. Shivam Bhaargava plays a businessman accused of the murder of his wife. Sanaya Irani’s character reluctantly agrees to fight his case. And — you guessed it! — the two fall in love.

But Bhatt has turned the plot into a ghost story. Now you might wonder why a horror film needs to be titled Ghost. But you will find the answer in the trailer. Though over two minutes long, the trailer does not scare you one bit. After all, mere jump scares do not scare the audience any more. That was probably why it was important to tell us, “Hey! Guess what? This is a horror film!”

If you have some knowledge about the ‘scary’ films made by Vikram Bhatt in recent years, you would know they are peppered with some unintentionally hilarious dialogues. Ghost has its moment when a character says, “Jhooth jhooth hota hai. Phir woh kisi zinda insaan ka ho ya ghost ka. [A lie is a lie, whether it comes from a living being or a ghost]." There is also a scene where some ghosts are seen attending court proceedings.

Both Bhaargava and Irani are not impressive at all with their acting, at least in the trailer. Maybe they were waiting to be possessed by the spirit of some great thespian? 

To know more, wait till 18 October when Vikram Bhatt’s Ghost (the film, that is) is released in theatres. Till then, enjoy the trailer.


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