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Tik Tok goes the media campaign for Tamil film Super Duper

With a smaller budget, the producers tapped into the Tik Tok phenomenon and the Instagram market in a newfangled media campaign.

Shriram Iyengar

With a different subject and a low budget, the producers of Super Duper, Flux Films, decided to tap into the Tik Tok phenomenon and the Instagram generation to get the buzz going for their movie. Featuring Dhruva, Indhuja and Sha Ra, Super Duper is set for release in theatres today.

With Twitter crowded out by the stars, the makers decided to focus on a different path. Speaking to Cinestaan.com, Santosh Kumar, CEO, Digibooster, said, "We put out 85 Insta pages and got 60-odd influencers on board. We have taken a song, 'Jil Jil Rani', and are pushing it. For the last three days, we have been running the campaign. In the next two days, we aim to reach 10 million engagements cumulatively across Insta and Tik Tok. Since it is a Tamil movie, we are focusing exclusively on a Tamil audience." 

Santosh Kumar added, "Typically, you would have celebrities and stars who would do this influencing. We are working on the micro and nano segments. This refers to anybody with 3–5k followers who can also do this work. We are also working with Tik Tok, where someone with even 10k followers, which is a low number by Tik Tok standards, can join us."

In May this year, Tik Tok become one of the most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store. An Economic Times report stated that the app has 200 million users in India alone, according to data from the German company Statista quoted in the report.


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Explaining the reason for this kind of campaign, Santosh Kumar said, "The Western world has already reached this stage. Many new releases have these kinds of campaigns globally for their releases in the US. If you want to reach out to the younger audiences, they are not on your radio. They are not watching TV. They are more on Tik Tok and Instagram."

Whether the campaign was effective will be known in the next three days. Super Duper, directed by Arun Karthik, is being released today.