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Zombiesthaan poster: Suggests a dystopian future of the country 

The upcoming film features Tanusree Chakraborty, Rudranil Ghosh and Rajatabha Dutta in the lead.

Roushni Sarkar

The official poster of Abhirup Ghosh’s Zombiestaan (2019) presents the map of India, burning in certain geopolitical borders. The upcoming film features Tanusree Chakraborty, Rudranil Ghosh and Rajatabha Dutta in the lead.

Abhiroop Ghosh’s web-series Rawhoshyo Romancho Series earned rave reviews for its content, unique from various other Bengali web-series often criticised for their controversial and not so realistic subject. After dealing with various genres of thriller in the series, the director is now all set to launch the first ever zombie film in Bengali.

Speaking about the genre, Ghosh commented, "[The] audience might think that the concept of zombie is a Western one and Bengali culture is quite alien to it. However, I feel, the concept now has a global significance."

According to Ghosh, zombie refers to an evolved state of humans in which there is a blind obsession towards achieving some goal. "I feel, in this generation we all are running after some goal - whether [it is] success, love or various other kinds of materialistic possessions, obsessively and hence, this concept seems quite relevant for me."

Ghosh also narrated that he got inspired to write down such a unique concept when experienced the trend of blind faith, which is in vogue these days, in his personal life. While speaking on a political issue, he found that his friend was making arguments on emotional perceptions, rather than looking at the situations, objectively, with reasoning.

Zombiestaan is a futuristic film. According to Ghosh, “From newspapers and social media platforms, we can predict that the world is going to face certain fatal issues if we do not mend our ways now. Zombiestaan throws light on those issues.” The dark poster of the film, suggests a ravaged and burnt out state of the country, which Ghosh described as a ‘dystopian future’.

Zombiestaan is slated for release after Puja.

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