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Shivani Surve, Sayli Sanjeev star in Satarcha Salman alongside Suyog Gorhe

The film also stars Makrand Deshpande as Gorhe's father.

Keyur Seta

The first poster and teaser of the Marathi movie Satarcha Salman showed that the film revolves around Suyog Gorhe’s character, Amit, who dreams of making it big in the movies. Now, the latest posters shared by the makers reveal the rest of the cast. 

The film will see two actresses in Sayli Sanjeev and Shivani Surve team up with Gorhe.  

According to the character description given on the official Facebook page of the movie, Sayli plays Madhuri Mane, childhood friend of Amit, who believes in being nice and kind to everyone. 

Surve, on the other hand, plays Dipika Bhosle. She is the most attractive girl in the taluka and, hence, the crush of many guys. One of them is Amit. The posters imply a love triangle involving Amit, Madhuri and Dipika. 

Surve recently became a known face because of her part in the reality show Marathi Bigg Boss She is also starring in Triple Seat with Ankush Chaudhari. 

Makrand Deshpande’s character is also revealed through another poster. He plays Amit’s father who teaches him how to dream. 

Directed by Hemant Dhome, Satarcha Salman is all set for release on 11 October. Interestingly, the day of release is also the birthday of Hindi film legend Amitabh Bachchan, who is fondly known among friends as Amit.

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