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Goyenda Junior trailer: Crime thriller fit for kids and grownups alike

Often bullied at school, the orphan Vikram blooms to his fullest potential when he starts working on a murder case with a senior officer of the crime branch.

Roushni Sarkar

By now it is well known that Mainak Bhaumik's upcoming film Goyenda Junior presents Rwitobroto Mukherjee as a junior detective for the first time.

The film's trailer, which was released on YouTube on the weekend, appears cinematically sleek. The background score is also appealing.

Often bullied at school, the orphan Vikram (Rwitobroto) blooms to his fullest potential when he starts working on a murder case with Sanjay Banerjee, a senior officer of the crime branch played by Santilal Mukherjee.

Banerjee is looking for an aide who can supply fresh perspectives on the crime to work as his third eye and trigger his intuition, but he is left disappointed by all the candidates.

Vikram, who is depressed by certain issues at school but is well versed in thrillers, impresses Banerjee with his spontaneous judgement on the crime. He rejects the murder theory, with proper reasoning.

From the trailer, it appears that as Vikram and Sanjay Banerjee get closer to solving the crime, clues get erased and the investigation becomes more complicated. Banerjee begins to think of it as the perfect murder, but Vikram has his doubts. His intuition is backed by his classmate (Anusha Viswanathan). Eventually he identifies the weapon used in the crime.

The trailer reveals Rwitobroto to be entirely engrossed in the avatar of an inquisitive lad who turns into a detective, without revealing anything about the crime itself.

Gairik Sarkar's cinematography looks appealing and so is Sayan Mitra's young voice in the title track. Vikram's last words in the trailer prove that he is able to complete the investigation successfully. Like a dreamy teenager, he enquires whether he can a keep a gun now — for his protection.

The trailer retains the charm of a thriller fit for children and adults alike. Vikram's character doesn't appear overambitious when he aspires to solve a serious crime.

Goyenda Junior is slated for release on 20 September. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch this film.


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