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The character of Mask Man to be a surprise package in Vicky Velingkar: See poster 

Sonalee Kulkarni’s look from the film was revealed last month in the main poster of the film.

Keyur Seta

The upcoming movie Vicky Velingkar (2019) is a contemporary thriller, a genre which isn’t seen much in Marathi cinema. Lead actress Sonalee Kulkarni’s look was revealed last month in the main poster of the film.

Now, the makers have revealed another character from the film, but, at the same time, have kept his identity hidden. A character called Mask Man is shown as the main villain in the movie. Like his name, he hides his face with a mask. 

Hence, the identity of the actor is kept as a suspense, which will probably be revealed either in the trailer or directly in the movie. Interestingly, in another Marathi film, Hirkani (2019), the identity of the actor who plays Shivaji is also under wraps. 

Speaking about the character, director Saurabh Verma said in an official statement, "Marathi films never had such a character of a Mask Man who has an important role in Vicky Velingkar, but the audience will have to wait to see if the good prevails over the bad."

He also shared more about the titular character of the movie. “Vicky Velingkar is a comic book artist and a clock seller who [gets] entangled in an unexpected life msystery. The film is about a female underdog who rises against all odds,” added Verma. 

Produced by GSEAMS in association with Dancing Shiva, Vicky Velingkar will be released on 6 December.