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Triple Seat song ‘Roj Wate’: Bela Shende shines in the love song between Ankush Chaudhari, Pallavi Patil

The song takes place during the initial stage of the relationship between the couple. 

Keyur Seta

Going by the teaser of the Marathi movie Triple Seat (2019), the film is a light-hearted comedy starring Ankush Chaudhari, Pallavi Patil and Shivani Surve. It seems the title of the film reflects the actor’s character getting involved with two actresses. 

But the song ‘Roj Wate’ features Chaudhari and Patil only. It takes place as the relationship between the two is just starting to blossom. The song features a few occasions where Chaudhari takes some excuse or the other to meet Patil's character Vrunda either at her residence or somewhere else. The two look good together. 

The song also shows Chaudhari talking to Surve’s character in between. This might be another angle that will be revealed in the film. 

‘Roj Wate’ is a melodious romantic song that touches your heart. It is Bela Shende’s impressive and sweet voice refuses to leave your mind much after you listen to the track. She lives up to the expectations from an experienced singer. 

The regular use of the violin by composer Avinash Vishwajeet plays a major role in creating the romantic effect. Mandar Cholkar and Vishwajeet Joshi’s simple poetry goes with the simple, old fashioned nature of the song. 

Directed by Sanket Pawase, Triple Seat will be released on 24 October during Diwali. Watch the song below and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.

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