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Fatteshikast song ‘Tu Jogawa Wadh Mai’: Shivaji prepares to take on the enemy

The song sees the Maratha king take blessings from Lord Shiva. 

Keyur Seta

Director Digpal Lanjekar’s Fatteshikast (2019) is from the same league as his debut film Farzand (2018), which mainly revolved around the character of the same name. Fatteshikast, on the other hand, is more about Shivaji and will showcase a ‘surgical strike’ carried by him and his soldiers in 1663 AD. 

The song ‘Tu Jogawa Wadh Mai’ is takes place when Shivaji (Chinmay Mandlekar) is all set to go on the mission along with his soldiers. An ardent worshipper of Lord Shiva, the king is seen carrying out rituals on the Shivaling as a folk performer performs the song outside the temple. 

In between we also get to see Shivaji’s mother Jijabai (Mrinal Kulkarni) and other characters fighting the enemies with great valour. 

Singer Adarsh Shinde has completely surrendered to the song. He is the true winner here. Composer Devdutta Manisha Baji incorporated the continuous use of drums as it befits this type of a folk song. Lanjekar himself has written the powerful lyrics which serve as encouragement for Shivaji to emerge victorious. 

Mandlekar has carried on his character of Shivaji from Farzand. The 2018 movie saw Ankit Mohan play Farzand. But in Fatteshikast he will be seen playing Yasaji Kank. 

Fatteshikast is due to released on 15 November. Watch the song below and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.

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