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NFDC picks 14 new projects for Film Bazaar Co-production Market 2019

The eclectic mix of films are from multiple languages including Assamese, Nepali, Bengali, Malayalam, English, and Dzongkha (Bhutanese). 

Our Correspondent

Film Bazaar 2019 has announced its official selection of films for its main segment co-production market to be held between 20 and 24 November. The selection of 14 films represents multiple ideas from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Singapore, Bhutan, and the USA. The collection will be pitched by the filmmakers to a curated audience of national and international producers, festival programmers and financiers at the bazaar to be held later in the month. 

These films include Saurav Rai's Anantah. Rai's debut feature, Nimtoh, was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the recently concluded 21st Mumbai Film Festival. Jiju Anthony's Ettemedam joins Vikas Khanna's Home Of The Rain Catcher on the selection. Khanna's The Last Color, featuring Neena Gupta was part of the Mumbai Film Festival as well. 

In addition to a diverse selection from different countries, the bazaar will also see films from eclectic languages in Dechen Roder's I,The Song (Dzongkha, Bhutanese), Niranjan Raj Bhetwal's Indreni Pari (Nepali), Sushma Khadepaun's Sabras (Gujarati) and Aamar Xhokolure Bhaalpowa (Assamese) being curated by the experts. 

The rest of the picks include the English film Schirkoa by Ishan Shukla, the Hindi films, Alka Raghuram's Ayna, Vijay Jaypal's The Displaced, and Rajan Khosa's Varna Heights, the Bengali films, Suman Sen's Eka, and Mahde Hasan's Sand City, and Leon Cheo's English and Hindi feature, Feast.

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