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First-time filmmaker Gaurav Madan turns to celluloid in Barah by Barah to capture changing narratives in Varanasi

Madan has taken to the increasingly rare film format to capture the story of a death photographer in the city of Varanasi. 

Shriram Iyengar

With cinema increasingly evolving to digital modes, first-time filmmaker Gaurav Madan has chosen the medium of celluloid to narrate the story of a death photographer in Varanasi.

Raising funds for the film on, the film has the reputation of being the only Indian film in 2019 so far to be shot on celluloid. 

Set in Varanasi, Barah by Barah is an artistic narration of migration and death told via a photographer who takes pictures of the dead. The film captures the historic town of Varanasi, which seems to have been stuck in a time bubble.

Describing the reason for the medium in his campaign request, Gaurav Madan says, "We thought it would be splendid to see Benaras in celluloid. Hence, we decided to shoot on film." 

The film also features Geetika Vidya Oholyan, Harish Khanna, Akash Sinha, Bhumika Gopal Dube in pivotal roles.