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Laal Kaptaan trailer chapter 3: Saif Ali Khan's hunter finally meets his quarry

The trailer finally reveals the villainous killedar who is the target for Saif Ali Khan's aghori hunter.

Shriram Iyengar

Over the last two trailers for Navdeep Singh's Laal Kaptaan, Saif Ali Khan's aghori has been on the hunt for a mysterious killedar. While the first trailer hinted at his thirst for revenge, the second saw Deepak Dobriyal join the hunt with his finely tuned nose. It is in the third trailer that we finally catch a glimpse of the shadowy tale of the vindictive hunter and his target.

The latest trailer also begins in the fashion of the earlier ones with a red-coat-clad Saif Ali Khan riding into the village dragging a body. However, this time he finds Noor Begum (Sonakshi Sinha) who directs him to his next victim, the killedar. Except the killer and the assassin have a history. "You know him," she says. 

Soon, the trailer jumps to action cuts with Khan's murderous aghori on the rampage. The shared history comes to light with Rehmat Khan (Manav Vij) who had led a massacre in the past. This is made even more evident by the black-and-white footage towards the end where a teenage boy attacks Khan.

The trailer also reveals some interesting information that shows Deepak Dobriyal and Saif Ali Khan's characters teaming up at some point during their meeting. There is also the mysterious presence of Zoya Hussain, who plays a woman trying to help the aghori find his quarry.

A missing treasure, a vengeful warrior sadhu, greedy dacoits in the hunt and two mysterious women. In all, the third chapter of the trailer looks to be the more fulfilling one to describe Navdeep Singh's film. 

Laal Kaptaan is set for release in theatres on 18 October. Watch the trailer for Laal Kaptaan below and tell us if you will watch the film.


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