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Bypass Road trailer: Neil Nitin Mukesh is both suspect and victim in this convoluted thriller

The actor plays Vikram who is disabled after an accident and later preyed upon by an unknown masked person.

Sonal Pandya

After a car accident, Vikram (Neil Nitin Mukesh) is both suspect and victim. He is automatically suspected of murdering model Sara even though he flees the scene after their violent encounter.

He returns home to his spacious bungalow to recuperate and adjust to life in a wheelchair, but he is hunted down by someone who wants him dead. But who?

The trailer for Bypass Road, directed by first-time filmmaker Naman Nitin Mukesh (Neil's brother), lays out the list of suspects who could want him gone. His distant father (Rajit Kapoor), his young stepmother (Gul Panag), her jealous ex (Sudanshu Pandey) could all fall on the list. Vikram forges a connection with Adah Sharma's character who is out to help him, or is that a facade as well?

The loud and jittery trailer attempts to be a slick thriller but is all over the place. The weak dialogues written by the lead, Neil, do not help. The nearly three-minute stuffs in plenty to digest, which escapes us the second we see it. The setting and tone of the slasher film feel unconvincing.

Bypass Road is due to be released on 1 November. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.

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