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Aunty Sudha Aunty Radha trailer: Lovely tale of two elderly, widowed sisters living life to the fullest

The documentary, directed by their niece Tanuja Chandra, shows the sisters aged 85 and 90 living a peaceful yet colourful life together.

Sonal Pandya

They move around slowly in their walkers, but Aunty Sudha and Aunty Radha don't miss a beat around what goes around them. The widowed sisters live together in Lahra, a few hours away from Delhi. The niece, filmmaker Tanuja Chandra, visits them at their home and spends time getting to know them.

The documentary shows how, even at 85 and 90, they are living life to the fullest. The younger sister states how she feels a sense of freedom after retiring to the village after her husband's death. After decades, they are finally now living life for themselves and not for anyone else.

But like any siblings, despite their advanced ages, they still bicker and fight. The trailer to the documentary also shows their caretakers and the residents of Lahra who interact with the women.

The documentary, which had its world premiere at the Madrid International Film Festival in August, will be shown at the upcoming 21st Mumbai Film Festival.

Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch the documentary.

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