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Rom Com teaser: The trend of making films on Sairat’s theme just doesn’t seem to end

Rom Com is the launch vehicle for Madhura Vaidya and Vijay Gite.

Keyur Seta

In the three years since the super success of Nagraj Manjule’s Sairat (2016), plenty of films have been made on the same theme. You, the reader, must also have seen us pointing this out numerous times in trailer and movie reviews. Yuntum (2017), Baban (2018) and Perfume (2019) are just some names that spring to mind.

For some reason, however, the trend of making a love story between a rich girl and poor guy just doesn’t seem to end. Director Gorakh Jogdande’s Rom Com is based on exactly the same theme, going by the teaser for the film. 

So, in a small town in Maharashtra, a young man (Vijay Gite) falls head-over-heels in love with his college mate (Madhura Vaidya). He has been after various girls in his life but it took this one to make him sleepless at night.

He proposes to her and continues to do so even when she doesn’t show interest (that’s still the idea of love in our country, by the way). Obviously, the girl eventually says yes but the class difference between them is a big obstacle to surmount.

Besides being repetitive, the trailer of Rom Com is not cut well. Also, the title does not seem to suit the content of the teaser at least. And what was the point revealing the story to the point that the girl is about to marry someone else out of compulsion? We wonder what is left for the trailer now, never mind the film.

Rom Com also stars fine artistes like Kishore Kadam and Chhaya Kadam. The film will be released on 18 October. Watch the teaser below and let us know if you will be watching this film.

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