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Shweta Pandit slams Hema Sardesai for her defence of Anu Malik

Sardesai had defended Malik in a social media post following the allegations of inappropriate behaviour against the composer by several female singers. 

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Singer Shweta Pandit criticised the statement by Hema Sardesai questioning the accusers of Anu Malik, and their intent, on her latest social media post. Sardesai had posted a defence of Malik following the growing allegations against the composer by Sona Mohapatra, Pandit, and Neha Bhasin recently. 

Pandit said, "This is beyond shameful. Does this statement mean that “a child abuse victim” and a “rape victim” are equally involved in getting themselves abused? seriously? What are you thinking? Disgusted with this statement.. that too from a woman!!! Highly insensitive and ignorant." 

In her statement, Sardesai questioned the motive and intentions of Anu Malik's accusers. She wrote, "I ask some of the singers who are talking against him... why were you quiet for so many years? Are you’ll trying to say all the other Music directors who you’ll worked with were Gods? Like seriously? Also if for publicity sake you are throwing stones at him, it’s not acceptable. I ask those known singers who got most of his big songs why are you’ll quiet today when you should be standing by him? I mean it takes two hands to clap rite?" 

In 2018, Pandit was among the women who had accused Anu Malik of harassment and inappropriate behaviour. The accusations by multiple women forced a voluntary resignation from Malik from the reality show, Indian Idol.

However, with the #MeToo movement fading out, Sony Entertainment Television reinstated the composer to his role of the judge on the reality show. This brought on the flak of singers Sona Mohapatra and Neha Bhasin, who have also accused Malik of predatory behaviour. The channel is now considering the option of removing Malik from the ongoing show. 

Anu Malik has denied all accusations so far. 

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