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Teko song 'Keshto': Savvy Gupta’s composition emits a positive vibe 

Ritam Sen’s lyrics and Gupta’s score complement each other in the Abhimanyu Mukherjee film.

Roushni Sarkar

In the song 'Keshto' from Abhimanyu Mukherjee’s upcoming film Teko (2019), Ritwick Chakraborty can be seen dancing and matching his steps to the upbeat composition by Savvy Gupta. Written by Ritam Sen, the song captures the plight of those, who are rampantly shamed for their physical appearance that do not go by the standard set by the society.

However, rather than turning the mood gloomy, the song focuses on the fact that everyone should be satisfied with their natural attributes. To comply with the positive essence of the lyrics, Gupta has composed the song in retro style.

Though the film primarily focuses on Alokesh (Chakraborty) and his problems of suddenly losing his hair, it also attempts to create a critique on various other issues of body and image shaming and thus, the film probably also attempts to be unique from Ujda Chaman and Bala, the other two Hindi films on the issue of baldness.

In the song, Alokesh tries to motivate his companions to raise their voice against this kind of image shaming and also against commercials that lure people with false promises. Each character in the song has certain attributes that society make them ashamed of. However, this group of friends have taken oath to be happy and accept themselves as they are.

Debdeep Mukhopdhyay’s rendition has no extraordinary appeal; however, his light treatment of the song, does justice to it. Sen’s lyrics and Gupta’s composition complement each other.

Teko is slated for release on 22 November.

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