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Vicky Velingkar song 'Da Ra Ding Ding Na': Piyush Ambhore's experimental funk track is less appealing than the mystery

While the Mannan Munjal composition is a unique attempt, it simply misses out on the substance and rhythm and focusses too much on the flair. 

Shriram Iyengar

While Marathi compositions have often opted for a traditional or melodic scale even in films, Vicky Velingkar's experimental story also has a very interesting soundtrack going with it. While it does not always succeed, the effort works to a certain extent. 'Da Ra Ding Ding Na' by Mannan Munjal sets up the club theme to go with the fear and psychosis of Sonalee Kulkarni's character trying to escape a serial killer on the hunt. 

Set in a club, the song does begin with the feel and tempo of a proper EDM number. Pratyush Ambhore's voice is also modulated to suit the ocassion. But the song simply does not have the depth to rise beyond its initial tempo. Ambhore's voice is highly stylised and affects the natural melody. 

The composition by Mannan Munjal, while sticking to the very contemporary style, has jarring pauses that take away from the flow. The song also feels a little frivolous in terms of its lyrics that seem to capture a very different mood than the one that is taking place on the screen. Even as the others are dancing, Sonalee Kulkarni's character continues to chase the mysterious killer in the mask. Maybe that is a red herring for the audience. Regardless, it does not come across too well as a visual song. 

Vicky Velingkar is a thriller directed by Saurabh Verma, and is set to release on 6 December. 


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