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Zombiesthaan trailer: Rajatava Dutta and Rudranil Ghosh stand out

Some of the sequences appear too amateurish, especially the video game-like setup towards the end.

Roushni Sarkar

The trailer of Zombiesthaan, the first Bengali zombie film, is out. Featuring Tanushree Chakraborty, Rajatava Dutta and Rudranil Ghosh, Abhirup Ghosh’s Zombiesthaan is a futuristic film.

Though most of the trailer fails to create a futuristic ambience, sequences with Dutta and Ghosh at the centre are the most intriguing. The beginning of the trailer could have had a subtler approach with a sequence introducing Akira (Chakraborty) as a survivor of mass destruction instead of the character introducing herself.

From the trailer it is evident that Akira meets two other survivors, played by Ghosh and Dutta. While Ghosh celebrates their survival with alcohol and is kind of sure of their impending doom in the land of zombies, Akira continues to hope for a trace of human civilization.

However, with the introduction of Dutta’s character, Akira faces the worst. Dutta plays Haridas, a tyrannical ruler. Dutta’s speech modulation and eccentric behaviour adds to the mood that the film attempts to create.

The glimpses of zombies here suggest that the artistes have just been rendered with zombie-like facial makeup rather overall transformation; however, the director made it clear at the trailer launch event that the zombies contain a quintessential 'Bengaliness' and do not conform to the perception of zombies presented by Hollywood.

While Ghosh and Dutta’s strange behaviour creates excitement, the sequences of Chakraborty appear way too amateurish, especially the ones towards the end of the trailer, when Akira is seen to be fighting with a loaded gun in a video game-like setup.

Zombiesthaan is slated for release on 13 December. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch this film.

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