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Raid's 85-year-old actress, Pushpa Joshi, passes away

The actress made her debut with Raj Kumar Gupta's Raid (2018). 

Our Correspondent

Pushpa Joshi, the 85-year-old matriarch, who stunned audiences with her performance in Raj Kumar Gupta's Raid (2018) passed away in Mumbai on Tuesday, 26 November.  The actress was fondly remembered by director Raj Kumar Gupta among others, who gave the octogenerian her screen debut. 

Gupta wrote on his social media account, 'Very sad to hear about the passing away of Pushpa Joshi ji. One of the highlights of my directing career was watching you perform in RAID. You were a live wire on and off the sets. Wherever you are you will be smiling and spreading happiness Dadi ji. We will miss you. RIP.'

Since making her debut in the Ajay Devgn film, the actress also went on to feature in an ad for FeviKwik which earned her further following. Casting director Shikha Pradeep shared her own feelings about the passing away of Joshi. 

Pradeep wrote 'The oldest debutant in Hindi cinema who at the age of 85 started her acting career with the movie Raid, played so many characters with such a ease be it in films or it is in TVCs (Fevikwik dadi) where I got a chance to cast her and many other different roles that everyone fell in love with her.'