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Arindam Sil's Maayakumari to celebrate 100 years of Bengali cinema

The upcoming film will travel between different eras of Bengali cinema

Roushni Sarkar

Arindam Sil is marking the centenary year of Bengali cinema with his upcoming film Maayakumari, featuring Rituparna Sengupta and Abir Chatterjee as the leads. Sil has already begun script reading sessions for the film, also featuring Rajatava Dutta, Indrasish Roy, Arunima Ghosh, Saurav Das, Anindita Bose in important roles.

The plot of the film will travel between different eras of Bengali cinema. In the film, contemporary director Soumitra Mallick (Indrasish Roy) starts making a film on Maya Kumari (Sengupta), the legendary actress of the 1940s, and her co-star Kanan Kumar (Abir Chatterjee).

Maya Kumari made a popular pair with Kanan; however, at the peak of her career, she left the limelight and started living with her husband Sital Bhattacharya (Rajatava Dutta), away from the public eye. Her sudden disappearance led to many controversies, including one regarding her onscreen kiss with her co-actor to be the result of her sudden departure from the glamour world.

The film will reportedly feature all the iconic personalities of Bengali cinema. Chatterjee will be playing double roles in the film as Kanan and his grandson Ahir.

Maayakumari will reportedly be a musical with composer Bickram Ghosh coming on board, and Subhendu Dasmunsi will write the lyrics.