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IFFI 2019: Nooreh, Hellaro open the Indian Panorama section

Filmmakers Ashish Pandey and Abhishek Shah spoke about their films ahead of the screenings in Goa.

Photo: International Film Festival of Goa on Twitter

Our Correspondent

The award-winning films Nooreh and Hellaro opened up the Indian Panorama section at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa yesterday. Ashish Pandey's Nooreh was the opening film for the non-feature section while the National award winner for Best Feature Film, Hellaro by Abhishek Shah kicked off the feature film section.

Shah described his Gujarati film set in 1975 as "a universal story rooted in tradition". He was joined at the press conference after the film by actress Niilam Panchal and Tejal Panchasara, editor and co-writer Prateek Gupta and producer Ayush Patel.

Abhishek Shah

"It’s a journey from suppression to expression," he said of his debut film and the first Gujarati film to win the top honour at the National awards. He stated that lots of good experimental films are now being made in the Gujarati language.

Meanwhile, Pandey's short film has actually been filmed at an Indo-Pak border village in Kashmir. He said that real villagers were used in the cast and the dialogues were in the local Kashmiri dialect with Urdu thrown in between. Nooreh examines the dreams of children growing up in disturbed areas who long for a ‘beautiful world’ free of conflicts.

Ashish Pandey

In his film, eight-year-old Nooreh finds that when she sleeps, conflict rages between the two neighbouring countries and stops when she's awake. Pandey, who was accompanied by his cinematographer Sushil Gautam, felt that films should make people more sensitive about the world in which they live and cultivate a sense of humaneness.

The golden jubilee edition of the festival is set to conclude on 28 November.

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