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Prasoon Joshi clarifies CBFC never asked Ford vs Ferrari filmmakers to blur alcohol bottles, glasses

The statement comes days after actor Farhan Akhtar took to social media to complain about the 'blurred images' on screen. 

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Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) chief Prasoon Joshi has issued a clarification about the ongoing debate of whether the board asked the makers of the Hollywood film Ford vs Ferrari (2019) to blur out images of alcohol bottles and glasses in the film. The lyricist and chairperson of the CBFC said in a statement that the board had "never asked the makers of Ford v Ferrari to blur any shots in the film".

The issue was raked up on social media after several viewers of James Mangold's latest film complained of scenes with blurred images of bottles as the film rolled on.

Even actor Farhan Akhtar complained about the issue on his social media feed. 

In response, CBFC chief issued a statement denying the board's involvement or instruction in this matter. In a statement to, Joshi said that the decision to blur out the images was taken "voluntarily by the makers".

He added, "To mindlessly assume, comment and attempt to drag into controversy without any substantiation is disappointing and uncalled for. Especially so when CBFC as a responsible organisation over the last years has worked sincerely to ensure that a fine and fair balance is maintained." 

While the CBFC guidelines do not expressly state that images of alcohol need to be blurred, sub-section 2 of section 5(B) of the Cinematograph Act of India, does lay down rules against 'justifying or glorifying drinking are not shown'. 

The guidelines also read out rules against 'encourage, justify or glamorise' scenes of tobacco consumption and drug addiction. CBFC has already issued a diktat for warnings to be carried on screen every time a character is shown smoking. 

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