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Rajatava Dutta delighted to work with Argha Deep Chatterjee in Mukhosh

The actor plays the part of an influential man in the upcoming thriller.

Roushni Sarkar

Actor Rajatava Dutta will be seen playing a crucial character in Argha Deep Chatterjee’s upcoming thriller Mukhosh (2019), also starring Payel Sarkar, Santilal Mukherjee, Amrita Halder and Prantik Banerjee in important roles.

At a press conference of the film, held earlier this week on 18 November, Dutta said that he is quite excited for the release of the film, as he and the entire team have put in a lot of hard work. “I heard about Argha Deep’s work from many friends and had the wish of working with him. My experience has been quite delightful. He is a bright and sweet chap," Dutta said.

Dutta plays an influential man in the film. His wife goes missing and his sister-in-law, played by first-time actress Halder, holds him responsible for her disappearance. Dutta gets entangled into the entire scenario as despite his influential position, Mukherjee, who plays a cop, begins investigating into the case.

In the trailer, Dutta can be seen sharing most of the screen space with Mukherjee and Sarkar, who plays his love interest.

"Argha Deep is basically adept in handling thriller and horror films. On the set, I could feel that he is quite clear about what he wants from the actors," said the actor, who is known for his performances in versatile character roles.

He also said that there are always questions regarding a film’s title and its significance in the story. "The word ‘personality’ is derived from the Latin word persona, meaning a mask (Mukhosh). I feel, the idea of a mask is deeply associated with personality. Most the appearances are probably masks, donned by people, out of social obligations. Similarly, in this film, the characters have multiple identities or personalities. This is a dark comedy and I feel, while watching the film, the audience will gradually be able to peel off the masks of the characters," the actor elaborated.

Dutta is also happy to work with Mukherjee and Sarkar, his old colleagues, in the film. According to him, the entire shooting process becomes easier when friends are there on the sets.

"It’s not that we always land down with our dream roles. However, Mukhosh is going to be one of the memorable chapters in the array of works we have done," Dutta concluded.

Mukhosh is due to be released on 6 December.