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Sanjhabati teaser: Tells an unusual yet relatable tale on relationships 

The film will feature veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee with Dev for the first time together.

Roushni Sarkar

The teaser of Leena Gangopadhyay and Saibal Banerjee’s Sanjhbati (2019) promises a tale on relationships that are unusual yet relatable for everyone. Sanjhbati will feature veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee with actor Dev for the first time together. In the film, veteran actress Lily Chakraborty, Paoli Dam and Sohini Sengupta also will be seen essaying crucial characters too.

It is evident from the teaser that the film revolves around the world of aged parents, who are left with no option but to live away from their children, as they venture out of their hometowns because of education and jobs.

In the film, Chatterjee plays a single older man, who lives all by himself and is taken care of by Dev. In the teaser, Chatterjee can be seen carrying the hurt of separation from his children and is afraid of losing Dev, who has built up a close bond with him. He often laments of not raising his children with enough compassion.

Chakraborty, on the other hand, stays with Dam and is somehow acquainted with Chatterjee. Their relationship is not clear in the teaser; however, she calls Chatterjee, Chhana da once. Their friendship also brings Dam and Dev closer.

While Chakraborty contemplates severing all ties with her children, not being able to bear with the negligence, Dev, Dam and Sengupta take the veteran duo for a holiday in north Bengal. They are seen to be enjoying in bliss, making most of their time out in the surroundings in the serene locations.

The teaser also hardly reveals anything regarding the character of Sengupta and also, generates anticipation about the equation between Dam and Dev.

Sanjhbati is slated for release during Christmas. 

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