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Senior Citizen trailer: Mohan Joshi doesn’t like being called senior citizen

Produced by Madhuri Naganand and Vijaykumar Narang, the film focuses on the drug menace among Mumbai youngsters and the threat senior citizens face from such addicts.

Keyur Seta

Writer-director Ajay Phansekar’s Encounter: The Killing (2001, Hindi) focused on how youngsters, even from rich families, are getting lured into the dark recesses of the Mumbai underworld. His latest, Senior Citizen (2019, Marathi) is about drug addiction among Mumbai youngsters and attacks on senior citizens by such addicts.

The fim is about Abhay Deshpande (Mohan Joshi), a retired major general. His father and grandfather were also officers in the army. Gen Deshpande is now a physical combat trainer. He doesn’t like being called a senior citizen because he still thinks of himself as young and he takes great care to keep himself fit.

The trailer also shows some youngsters taking drugs and others beating up older people. The drug part does not look realistic. The other issue with the trailer is that it doesn’t flow smoothly. The film also looks outdated technically.

Joshi has played quite a few cheerful senior citizen characters in the past. But he is still likeable here. The film also stars Smita Jaykar, Suyog Gorhe, Vijay Patkar, Ashish Pawar and Sheetal Kshirsagar.

Senior Citizen will be released on 13 November. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you would be watching this film.

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