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The Body trailer: Emraan Hashmi, Rishi Kapoor search for a missing corpse

The thriller is a remake of the Spanish film El Cuerpo (2012).

Sonal Pandya

Rishi Kapoor returns to the big screen after a year to investigate the case of a missing body, that of businesswoman Maya, played by Sobhita Dhulipala. The chief suspect in the case is her cheating husband, Emraan Hashmi.

Maya’s body mysteriously disappears from the morgue one night before the autoposy is to be performed. There is a furious race to find out what actually happened. Kapoor believes Hashmi is behind the disappearance, while Hashmi thinks Maya was never dead, she is orchestrating the whole thing to get back with him.

It turns out Hashmi has both motive and reason for Maya’s death. He is involved in an affair with Vedhika’s character and after Maya gets suspicious, mixes something in her drink to kill her. But did Maya actually die, or is she faking her own death?

Jeethu Joseph’s Hindi debut will reveal the twist on Friday the 13th, this December. The thriller is a remake of Spanish film El Cuerpo (2012) by writer-director Oriol Paulo.

Kapoor and Hashmi fall into familiar types as they are cast as an investigating officer and grieving husband respectively. The film hints at many twists and turns as each character is playing each other to find out what they are hiding.

Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.

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