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Commando 3 song 'Akhiyaan Milavanga': Arijit Singh, Shruty Sasidharan create a magical duet for this action film

Composed by Mannan Shaah, the song features lyrics from Sahil Sultanpuri. 

Shriram Iyengar

The presence of an Arijit Singh song in the Vidyut Jammwal-led Commando 3 (2019) might seem odd, but it is refreshingly good. The song 'Akhiyaan Milavanga' sung by Singh and Shruty Sasidharan is a melodious duet that is a nice change from the deluge of remixes coming the way of listeners these days. 

The song is picturised on the duo of Jammwal and Adah Sharma, who find the time to romance each other while they are out pursuing enemies. The visuals are not very different from any other romance that you may have seen, but what sets it apart is the sweetness of the melody by Mannan Shaah.

The composition is simple, but beautiful to listen. Arijit Singh opens the composition with his inimitable voice, and the style of his singing feeds the mellow energy of the composition. The magic though, lies in the pause before Shruty Sasidharan joins in on the vocals. The momentary suspension of the chords, allow Sasidharan's voice to dominate the composition before Singh returns to take it over. It is a refreshing change of track in the middle. 

The lyrics are completely in Punjabi, although that does not necessarily make it difficult. With the cross pollination of languages through the years, the song feels almost Hindi in its singing. While the lyrics are not spectacular, they are beautiful enough to create harmony between themselves and the composition in place. 

Commando 3 is directed by Aditya Datt, and is set to release in theatres later this year. Watch the song below and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.

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