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Purushottam trailer highlights Aurangabad’s municipal issues

The film is directed by Rima Amarapurkar, the daughter of the late veteran actor Sadashiv Amrapurkar. 

Keyur Seta

We hardly see a Marathi film shot or based in Aurangabad, one of most well-known cities of Maharashtra. Director Rima Amarapurkar’s Purushottam tries to fill the void by getting the film completely based on the major problem the city is facing. 

The upcoming film is based on the problem centering around Aurangabad’s municipal corporation, especially related to garbage dumping. We are told that no municipal corporation head has been able to stick around for long in Aurangabad since the late 1990s. In the year 2012, B Purushottam (Nandu Madhav) gets appointed as the latest municipal head. 

He is an honest and hard working person who vows to make a turnaround in Aurangabad, gaining the confidence of his subordinates and the people of the city. But his working style becomes a pain for political parties of different ideologies and one day, he gets a transfer order. 

Going by the trailer, the film seems like an interesting and earnest effort to portray the situation in Aurangabad. Nandu Madhav has always been a good performer and he looks in good form here as well. The problem with the trailer is that too many editing effects are used to make the proceedings appear more dramatic. 

Rima has previously directed and produced Aar Aar Aaba Aata Tari Thamba (2008). She is the daughter of the late veteran actor Sadashiv Amrapurkar. 

Purushottam releases this week, on 10 May. 

Watch the trailer below:

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