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Kidnap song 'Ami Tomake Bhalobasi': Quirky composition is all about stars Dev and Rukmini, not their chemistry

No matter how romantic the words might sound, the visuals on screen don’t do justice to them.

Roushni Sarkar

'Ami Tomake Bhalobasi' from Raja Chanda’s upcoming film Kidnap is a quirky composition by Jeet Gannguli and has been rendered by Jubin Nautiyal. Written by Chanda himself, the song features the protagonists, played by Dev Adhikari and Rukmini Maitra.

The lover expresses his longing for uniting with his beloved in the song. He weaves his dreams around her and expects her to arrive and proclaim her love for him. He imagines her to be guided by the stars at night; however, once she goes off guard, he plans to set out with her on an adventure towards an unknown destiny.

No matter how romantic the words might sound, the visuals don’t do justice to them. Much like the previous song from the film 'Oi Dakchhe Akash', 'Ami Tomake Bhalobasi' fails to establish the chemistry between the lovers on screen.

Both Adhikari and Maitra look glamorous in their avatars. They make no compromise in projecting their star personas, yet they fail to bring alive the romance between their characters.

Adhikari appears to be extremely conscious of his hero image while Maitra makes her best efforts in trying to set up a connection with him. For the most part, they seem to be flaunting their charm for the audience instead of wooing each other.

'Ami Tomake Bhalobasi' is a relatively simple and common composition that doesn’t allow the singer to display much of his singing prowess. The song mostly adds to the star value of the actors, on which perhaps the film is also banking.

Kidnap is slated for release on Eid, in June. Watch the song 'Ami Tomake Bhalobashi' below and let us know if you are keen to watch this film.

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