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Petitioner seeks change in title of Salman Khan's film Bharat

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The plea was filed on 30 May by activist Vipin Tyagi who said the word Bharat cannot be used for commercial purposes.


A public-interest petition has been filed in the Delhi high court seeking a change in the title of Salman Khan's upcoming movie Bharat (2019).

The plea was filed on Thursday 30 May by activist Vipin Tyagi who said the name Bharat cannot be used for commercial purposes.

He requested the Delhi high court to direct the producers and the director of the film to change its title.

Tyagi said the title violates section 3 of the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act which prohibits the use of the name Bharat for any trade, business or profession.

As per the Constitution, Bharat is the official name of the country, he argued.

He also sought a change in the dialogue where the character has been compared to the country.

Tyagi said the court should put an end to such tricks of trying to cash in on the people's patriotic sentiments. If such things don't stop, patriotism will have a new vulgar look, he said.

Bharat (2019) is an adaptation of the Korean film Ode To My Father (2014).

"Having watched the South Korean film, I felt there is no need to name this film after our nation. It is merely a shameless, cunning stratagem to encash the deep-rooted feelings for the country, which are treasured by every Indian in their heart," the petitioner said.

The activist added that after watching the trailer, he concluded that this film is a typical entertainer.