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Tujhich Re trailer: Another Marathi love story on religious differences

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The film stars newcomer Akshay Kambli and actress Priyanka Yadav. 

Keyur Seta

We have seen quite a few Marathi love stories between people from different castes in the form of Sairat (2016), Yuntum (2018), Baban (2018), etc. It was Sairat that made way for the rest of the films on the same theme. We have also seen a couple of Hindu-Muslim love stories like Lagna Mubarak (2018) and Perfume (2019). 

Now, director Pravin Raja Karale’s Tujhich Re explores a love story between a Hindu girl Shalu (Priyanka Yadav) and Catholic guy Peter (Akshay Kambli). But at the end of the day, it is yet another love story set against the backdrop of man-made divisions, which just seem to be unending in Marathi cinema. 

But even if Tujhich Re was the first film in recent years to explore the subject, its trailer, which was recently out, would still have been difficult to sit through. All the trailer has is loud overacting and background score and disjointed scenes. The songs come and go without any flow. 

Newcomer Akshay Kambli has some talent when it comes to acting and dancing. Yadav, who has few films under her name, struggles throughout. 

Tujhich Re is Karale’s next film after Hrudayat Something Something (2018), which starred Ashok Saraf, Aniket Vishwasrao and Priyanka Yadav. 

Watch the trailer:

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