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Mogra Phulaalaa title song: Swapnil Joshi finally finds love in Sai Deodhar

The song 'Mogra Phulaalaa' has some mellow yet brilliant vocals by Shankar Mahadevan.

Keyur Seta

By now fans of the film and regular readers of Cinestaan.com know that in director Shrabani Deodhar’s Mogra Phulaalaa, Swapnil Joshi plays a middle-class man who falls in love rather late in life as he has been busy shouldering work and family responsibilities.

The film's title song, which was released recently, throws some more light into the world of Joshi's character and the people in it.

So, we learn that his character’s name is Sunil. He is now doing fairly well for himself professionally and stays with his mother (Neena Kulkarni) to whom he is extremely devoted. Sandeep Pathak’s character is his colleague and best friend.

We also learn that Sunil has seen 38 prospective brides so far, but none has clicked. One vivacious young woman (Deepti Bhave) does seem to be interested in him, but Sunil does not reciprocate the feeling,

Sunil’s life takes a new turn when Shivangi (Sai Deodhar) joins the company he works for as an assistant manager. Sunil is attracted to her, and she, it seems, reciprocates. Sunil even gets rid of his moustache to impress Shivangi. His ever-supportive mother approves.

The mellow semi-classical 'Mogra Phulaalaa’ track is sung with great feeling by Shankar Mahadevan. Abhishek Khankar’s poetry is deep but uses simple words. Rohit Shyam Raut has composed a simple tune which is in keeping with the nature of this simple track.

Mogra Phulaalaa will be released on 14 June. Watch the song below.

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