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Chopsticks trailer: Mithila Palkar takes a twisted journey with Abhay Deol to find her car, and a goat

Directed by Sachin Yardi, the film will stream on Netflix from 31 May. 

Shriram Iyengar

A car, a goat, a con man and a girl caught in the middle of all of it. Sachin Yardi's Chopsticks might seem a unique title for a film that revolves around these key players.

With Mithila Palkar, Abhay Deol, and Vijay Raaz, the film does have enough talent going for it. The trailer for the Netflix original is a funny, relatable, and interesting clip into a story that captures an increasingly popular side of Mumbai, the ghettos and hidden streets.

The trailer begins with Mithila Palkar's uniquely named Nirma Sahastrabuddhe. An under-confident girl working as a tour guide, Nirma takes personality development courses through tapes in her new car.

That does not last long when her car is stolen. With Abhay Deol's suave con man as her only help, she decides to track down her car. Except, the red vehicle has caught the fancy of a gangster (Vijay Raaz)'s champion goat. 

Chopsticks has relatable moments of life that are wrapped up in some funny anecdotal comedy. Of course, the name of Palkar's character understandably forms a key quotient of it. The actress seems to be cast well as she plays the meek, shy girl to a T. Abhay Deol also looks good as the charming con man who is tasked with a thankless job.

Vijay Raaz makes an impact in the short time in the trailer, but the funniest moments are left to the jokes in the trailer. 

Directed by Sachin Yardi, Chopsticks will stream on Netflix from 31 May. 

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