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India's Most Wanted trailer: Arjun Kapoor leads an underdog team on the hunt for a terrorist

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The film, based on true events, is directed by Raj Kumar Gupta.

Sonal Pandya

A ruthless serial killer, dubbed 'India's Osama', and a relentless intelligence officer (Arjun Kapoor) are pitted against each other in a thrilling chase in Raj Kumar Gupta's India's Most Wanted (2019).

A burly Kapoor leads an unassuming, but determined group of fellow officers (all men) to hunt down India's most wanted. Furthermore, the team will do it by themselves, without any weapons. With little time and almost no resources from the top brass, the small team sets out all the way to Nepal to track the elusive killer whose modus operandi is bomb blasts.

The tension rises as the team comes closer and closer to their goal and yet the trailer does not go over-the-top to get their man. Since the film is inspired by real-life events, the trailer raises our curiosity levels into the man the team is after. Moreover, no one expects them to succeed and it's exciting to see these underdogs pull it through with sheer determination and grit.  

Written and directed by Gupta, India's Most Wanted is due to be released on 24 May.

Watch the trailer below and tell us if you will be watching the film.

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