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The school in Student Of The Year 2 is definitely unrealistic, agrees director Punit Malhotra

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The filmmaker welcomed memes that flooded the Internet after the trailer was released.

Keyur Seta

Ever since the trailer of director Punit Malhotra’s Student Of The Year 2 was released, there has been talk on social media of how unrealistic this school is. When this was pointed out to Malhotra, he agreed with it.

“I absolutely agree with them. Even I would like to believe, ‘Arre yeh kaunsa school hai?’ There are schools like these in Bombay now but there are no colleges like these. But it definitely is unreal,” he said.

The film stars Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria. SOTY 2 is about how Shroff's character fights back after being thrown out from the school over a rivalry.

Punit Malhotra

The trailer of Student Of The Year 2 also generated a lot of funny memes on social media. Malhotra said that he would be disappointed if this had not happened. “I would have been disheartened if there were no memes. This is a film where you have to put out memes. It is a film made for a certain audience from a certain age group. And this is the age group that makes those memes. If you don’t get those memes, there is no fun,” he said.

When asked which are the ones he liked, Malhotra said, “I have been laughing at so many of them. Like, our annual day versus their annual day and our school costume versus their school costume. They were outstanding. It’s a film that deserves memes. Once the film releases, it will [increase] 10 fold."

Student Of The Year 2 will be released on 10 May.